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Photography and Printmaking

In alphabetical order by surname.

Ian Preece
- Kuaotunu Screen Printer

Ian Preece.jpg

Jeremy Scott
- Coromandel Photographer

Jeremy Scott.jpg

Pete Sephton
- Coromandel Screen Printer

I have been involved in screen printing for over 40 years; on fabric in the early years but for the last 13 years I have printed on paper as an art form. Put simply screen printing is the layering of colour using stencils to produce a finished art work.


Although the printing takes a relatively short time the lead up can take weeks or even months to get right. I print limited editions of between 15 and 25 copies on beautiful handmade  Italian or French paper. The whole process from initial drawings through to the final print is by hand.

My studio and small gallery is in Coromandel. Visitors are always welcome.


Call me on 0272424090 to arrange a time to meet.

Email -

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